What to wear in winter?

For as long as I can remember I struggled to find clothes that I liked which was also accessible to my needs. As a young person living with a disability, I believe that we shouldn't have to struggle with finding clothes that we like which are also accessible to our individual needs. In Western Australia, we are heading into winter, so for today's blog. I am going to tell you some ideas and tips for finding clothes as well as altering them for people with disabilities.

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Growing up I would often wear jeggings rather than jeans. Why? Because they were comfy and I could just avoided the button and the zip on the pants 🙈 I loved wearing jeggings because they were much easier for me to put on then jeans, and they were also stylish too. Living with a physical disability can be difficult, and in this case it is. For the type of CP that I have, the disability affects my fingers, and how I can work them. Yes, I can type and pick things up, but I struggle to do up buttons especially on jeans. As I went into my teenage years, jeggings went away from stores, and to this they are still difficult to find.

You can get Jeggings from:


Could you ever imagine wearing pants for work, or study that don’t have a button and zips? Me either! Well, this was until I looked in Zara and found some that was work approval and accessible for me. I love wearing tracksuit pants because they were comfy and easy for me to wear. But now I can wear things that are considered ‘normal’ without struggling to put it on.

You can purchase some pants from:

Alternative – getting the pants adapted

Another alternative option for accessible clothing is to get the clothes you want to wear altered by a tailor. In the past, this has helped massively for me, and this might work for you too!

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