What is a shoehorn?

Have you tried a shoehorn? Wait…what? I didn’t know about shoehorns until my physio said it too me years ago, as I attempted to get my sneakers on. So, I have once again recently brought this and OMG it works so well.

A shoehorn is a stick that you use to make sure the hinge of your shoe doesn’t fold into your ankle. When I first was mentioned this by my physio years and years ago, as I do, I expected it would be expensive how things are for people with disabilities, but in fact the not, not at all.

A couple months ago I brought this from my local shop, you know the ile shops that you get random sh*t from. I got home and my support worker said, “well try it?” So, I gave it ago. Pulled my sneaker off and she helped me the first time. As usual, for me, I struggle with new things that I haven’t tried before like this.

Image description: A white image that says, "What is a shoe horn?" Underneath this in smaller writing it says, "How can this help people with disabilities? Do you know where to get one of these?" On the right to this their is a pair of white sneakers. Underneath this image and the writing it says, "You can read my new blog today at www.laynedixon.com.au!"

It took me a while to get used to a shoehorn, but since I got one it has helped me heaps with getting my shoes on. As many of you know I have Cerebral Palsy, and with this type of CP that I have, I struggle to do little things in life like tying up my shoelaces. With having a shoehorn this takes less spoons out of my day. A large majority of the shoes that I wear now have a zip on them, but for my sneakers they don’t.

Have you got a shoehorn yourself, and does this work for you? Or, do you have another method of getting your shoes on without un tying your shoelaces or having the hinge of the shoe fold into your ankle? Let me know in the comments down below!

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