What are companion cards?

Companion cards has been an essential part of my life, but I always haven't had one.

To support people with disabilities financially, the companion cards has been very helpful for me. The companion card is for people with disabilities, and/or life-long conditions. Whenever you go to an entertainment venue or a secured park, one of the people you go along with to these things can go into the place for FREE, but they still need to pay for their own food or drinks.

I was recommended to get a companion card, when I started having support workers in my life at just 15 years old. Since then, I have used them for entrance at the Zoo, for cinemas and trying to get tickets for events that I would like to go to.

“I believe that companion cards is a little bonus for people with disabilities. With disabled folks being the highest number for unemployment. The government supports people with disabilities, and one of these ways is through companion cards”

Companion cards has been in Western Australia since 2006, but we are still not able to use it in most online entertainment venues. There is still so many venues and seasonal events that don't have Companion Card bookings online. So, my question is why is this the case?

Maybe it's that technology hasn't caught up with how we think yet? Maybe it's too much coding within the website to include this option in ticketing.

Image description: A person is holding up a blue companion card with a picture of a young Layne on it. This person has the picture taken on a wooden desk in front of a trackpad and a white keyboard.

Each state in Australia has their own Companion Card system. I'm unsure why this is the case. As people with disabilities must apply for other states companion cards, so they can use one in another state. E.g, if I flew from Western Australia to Victoria. I can't use the WA companion card in Vic.

If you're interested in applying for a companion card, you can visit the links down below (within Australia only):

· Western Australia – click here

· Tasmania – click here

· South Australia – click here

· Northern Territory – click here

· Queensland – click here

· New South Wales – click here

· Victoria – click here

· Australian Capital Territory – click here

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