We the 15

With the Tokyo Paralympics just ending with it's Closing Ceremony last night this week's blog is about their new movement and campaign, WeThe15.

Did you know that 15% of the world population is people with disabilities?! People with disabilities are the largest minority group throughout there world, but within saying the simple response of accessibility, disability rights and inclusion isn't there for our community across the world.

From the Paralympic Games YouTube Channel - Click Here

We the 15 was announced at the start of the 2021 Paralympic Games on the 14th of August in Tokyo. This is a ten year project thanks to the IPC (International Paralympic Committee) as well as Global Disability Innovation Hub, Global Citizen and At Scale just to name a few massive companies in the world.

Layne is a young lady with purple hair and blue glasses. She is also wearing a white t-shirt and a smart watch. Layne is smiling at the camera.

This is in fact, the biggest campaign/movement in the world, and through this video (which is the first of many) The IPC is hoping to make and build the conversation of disability and to educate people that aren't exposed to this about access and education around disability.

If you want to find out more about their movement check out their website at wearethe15.org. This isn't a sponsored post. If you like this, please subscribe in the box down below!

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