Vogue Challenge on disability representation

How cool would it be to see someone like you on the front cover of a Vogue magazine?

Their needs to be time for a change and that’s now!

How often do you see a disabled person on the front cover of a magazine? How often do you see a disabled model inside of the catalogue, or even, on our televisions as part of advertising?! There are some models here and there, but not as often as we should.

In June of this year (2020) there was a social media turn over, of everyone doing a #VogueChallenge. Salma Noor started this amazing trend as a part of her movement to the Black Lives Matter protest which was happening earlier this year. Not knowing, within hours this hashtag went virtual from twitter, to Instagram, to Facebook and the list went on and on.

Image description: Up the top of the picture in white writing it says, "VOGUE". Underneath this it says, "How can people change their prospections about people living with a disability?", and "How can we create a more diverse workplace for people with disabilities, LGTIQ+ and diverse people?". The background is a picture of Layne is standing with her back to the cameras while she is steering at the artwork. She is standing on steps while holding onto the rail.

When I was growing up, I didn’t have many disabled idols. There was no one on TV or in the media with a disability; and therefore, I didn’t have an idol or someone with a disability to look up to. Fast forwarding 10 years later, and people like me are everywhere! I see someone who is disabled within the media every now and again and it just lights my face up, that we are now being represented on a mainstream platform.

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