Refugees with a disability

Refugees with disabilities are more likely to get be declined into Australia than abled bodied people. Through health studies the Migration Act of 1958 was established, this prevents people with health issues and people who have a disability to be accepted into the country. This process is costly, but the Australian Government believe sick people from other countries can be a burden to Australians.

Refugees are struggling and that is why they move out of their own countries, but refugees can also be kicked out of their knew country after being accepted in. Australia has a very high restrictions for refugees when it comes to health conditions towards refugees, and that’s part of the reason why so many people are getting kicked out. but the other reason is that refugees with disabilities have to pay $21,000 to be accepted into Australia. This is because they might be carrying diseases with them and therefore Australians have a high health criterion for refugees to follow. If they do not pay this then they are asked to be sent home or they are put into detention centres.

Picture 1: A group of refugees with a disability

Once a refugee is accepted into Australia, they don’t have any support. For every refugee and this includes people living with a disability, they have to make money from scratch.

One of the things that refugees must have is a visa. A visa is a card that grants you access to stay for a period of time in the country. If the person doesn’t have this they are not allowed access within the country, and if it’s not updated the person will be kicked out of the country. The card will also grant the person access to education and work.

The NDIS doesn’t do anything to help these people. As they only worry about Australians, they miss out on many visa residents who live with a disability. The NDIS funding will help allot to them as they usually come from a remote country, and because of that they have no support within the country.

Picture 2: A person who has been amputated. In poverty countries where war is going on most people with disabilities are left behind, and this is due to them slowing the rest of their family down.

When it comes to refugees with a disability they are not supported by the NDIS. The NDIS is a government organisation that is meant to help every Australian who lives with a disability, some get helped and some don’t. But when it comes to refugees with a disability, or a family with a disabled child then they don’t get the extra finance support that they need.

So why did I blog about this? One of the biggest issues within Australia is migrants, and because my blogs are all about disability I just did one about refugees and asylum seekers with a disability. If you like or if your interested in this kind of blog then please subscribe so you can get my latest content.






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