Powerhouse Mark Daniels

Mark Daniels was amputated below the knee in 2015 from a distracted driver that tee-boned him, but he become the man who is today. Mark is as an athlete in the Invictus games for wheelchair rugby, swimming, indoor rowing and sitting volleyball as well as a ninja in season 2 and 3 of the Australian ninja warrior series.

Invictus games

The Invictus Gamesstarted in 2017 when injured service men and women come together to represent their country in sport. Mark could not reach the qualifying times for the first Games, so instead he was fighting to make it to the 2018 games in Sydney.

Picture 1: Mark has been bumped to the floor in his rugby chair

Mark competed in wheelchair rugby, swimming, indoor rowing and sitting volleyball. The 2018 Sydney Invictus Gameswas Mark’s first games and he came away with a gold medal along-side his team in wheelchair rugby as well as a bronze medal in the 4-minute indoor rowing.

At the beginning of this month Mark did it again, but instead in the Dod Warrior Games in Tampa of Florida. He came home with 2 bronze medals in the indoor rowing, bronze with his wheelchair rugby team, a gold medal in the cycling, 2 gold and 3 silver medals in the swimming.

Ninja Warrior

Mark Daniels is always looking for news things to do and once he saw Zach Grown compete in ninja warrior with his one leg Mark new exactly what to do. in season two, last year of ninja warrior Mark made an appearance on ninja island to inspire children and young adults with disabilities that anything is possible if you put your mind towards it.

Picture 2: Mark on the ninja course Season 2 of Australian Ninja Warrior

Mark likes to challenge himself, and when he sees something new, he takes it. The journey of Australian Ninja Warrior has been one of the best decisions that he has made. Mark knew about the Australian Ninja Warrior series when it first came on in 2017, but he didn’t what was expected until he watched the season. Later that year he said that he wanted to do it, and then the training started. He first started training for this at Fighting Lyonsin Melbourne, but he knows is training at one the world’s best ninja gyms, Ninja Academy.

Last week Mark Daniels gave his second attempt at The Australian Ninja Warriorcourse. After getting out in the third obstacle in season 2, he did it again in season 3. Mark was quite disappointed, as he knew he could go further this year in the course. Last year when Mark went on the course he got more than 400 messages and tags on Instagram and Facebook.

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