Part 2 - Diving into my wardrobe

 I have had many wardrobe changes over the years, as you probably have. For me, it was pretty much (1) during high school wardrobe, (2) post high school wardrobe and then (3) post covid-19. Trying to keep up with the fashion style, but to make my own stand with it.

As I did mention in my non-binary­ blog, I have always been trying to fit into small boxes that I don't fit into. This has, times made me overwhelmed as I lose myself in the process with keeping up with my fellow non-disabled peers.

It wasn't until after the massive lockdown in 2020 in Western Australia that I met my previous support worker, Oakly. They introduced me to Dangerfield, and I believe that they gave me the nudge, I needed to find my own style. Since then, I've been exploring my taste and yes, at a whole other level.

Image description: An image of Layne who is cuddled up in their wardrobe. They are wearing a white t-shirt which says, “Inclusion and Good Vibes” and pink glasses. In the top-left corner there is a white circle it says, "laynecdixon', and "Writer for disability and inclusion". In the bottom-right corner of the image there is a purple square that says, "New blog - laynecdixon", " Part 2 - Diving into my wardrobe" and "Link in my bio!".

Since exploring my fashion taste again I felt really liked myself, a Layne who I saw a glimpse of in year 10. Through having a glimpse of myself in year 10, I had enough strength to go through those dark years at school – you can read about my experience in school in the Pulch 2021 edition – chapter: why pride.

Once I saw this year 10 me coming a reality, I was relieved that I went through all that high school mess, to meet this incredible new version of me. I was relieved that I didn't have to copy anyone style anymore to join in with the crowd, rather than blend in. This also reflects on me, my personality, and who I am as a person.

I no longer fit into boxes that people might or may not of prepared for me, and I'm glad for this, I'm glad to go through what I did; otherwise I wouldn't be the person I am today.

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