Million Reasons

Every year, World Cerebral Palsy Day is celebrated across the globe on the 6th of October. This celebration as the title says, is to celebrate cerebral palsy, as well as to bring awareness to CP. This year's theme for World CP Day is a million reasons.

I was diagnoses with Cerebral Palsy not long after I was two years old, and since then I have known nothing different. For my parents, this diagnosis meant everything to them; with finally knowing what was happening to me, and why I wasn't progressing at the same pace my friends the same age as me were.

Did you know that Cerebral Palsy is the most common physical disability in the world?! And in fact, no two people with CP have the same condition as each other. And in fact, no two people has the same type of CP as each other. I believe that there isn't enough research out there when it comes to cerebral palsy, and not enough types of diagnosis for the disability either.

Image description: Layne is a young lady with blue and purple hair. She is wearing a red t-shirt and smiling at the camera. In the top right of the image their is a green box which says, "MILLION REASONS" and "World Cerebral Palsy Day".

Living with a disability has been a gift for me, and something I would never take away. Every disabled person's journey is unique and different. From own experience, I know there's a whole wide range of disabilities out there, and every person has a different story of there experience navigating the world. I also know quite a few disabled folks that don't like the word disability and don't identify as having some sort of disability weather its physical, intellectual, sensory or mental health, and this is okay.

My million reasons why is to push education about cerebral palsy and disability out there in the world. Just remember the world is in-accessible and isn't built for people with disabled people. What is your million reason?

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