Katy Keene

Katy Keene, a TV show which is full of diversity as well as dreams coming true.  

Hey all, during my week off laying at home and healing up from my wisdom teeth. I was binge watching some TV shows, both old and new ones. One of the TV shows that I have come across is called Katy Keen who is played by Lucy Hale. A TV show about a lady who is called Katy Kenne and she's always. Dreamt about being a fashion designer, this story is her dream turning into a reality.

Katy lives with two other people Jorge/Ginger Lopez who is played by Jonny Beauchamp and Josie McCory who is played by Ashleigh Murray. They also have another friend of theirs who is known as Pepper Smith, but her real name is Pepper Shaker which you will find out later in the season, she is played by Julia Chan.

So, the story goes. Josie drops out of Riverdale high and travels to New York City to become a signer, the dream of her life. Not long after she gets there she meets Alexander Cabot (Lucien Laviscount) who becomes her record label person and supports Josie with her singing career.

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Katy Keene

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Katy got her dream of her life and one of her mum's wishes which was to work at Lacy's Department Store. Not long after she started working here Katy found out that her mother, Katherine Keene kept a secret from her, and that was that she worked there. Katy started an apprenticeship for a guy who is actually called Guy LaMontagne (Luke Cook) who is really famous for the fashion industry at the time and at the end of this season Katy becomes his leading designer for the label. Her dream has finally come true.

The dresses and the clothes that Katy designs are amazing. Her mother, was upsets with fashion and Lacy's, but they couldn't afford clothes that they wanted so when Katy was younger her as well as her mother made their own dress. Still, to this day Katy designs and makes everything that she and her roommates wear.

Jorge Lopez A.K.A Ginger Lopez

Jorge is one of Katy's best and closest friends. He is a gay man who came out to his parents during his school years and they pretty much kicked Jorge out because of who he likes which I don't think is fair. Jorge becomes Katy's adopted brother in a way which is so nice, from what was told in the story they have known each other since the start of Primary school or something like that.

A few years ago, Jorge started to open up a little bit more about himself being gay, and he started working as a drag queen. This is where Ginger comes in, Jorge slowly becomes Ginger in real life. Ginger Lopez is who Jorge really is, his identity as a lady, and there is nothing wrong about that. I love his courage determination throughout this tv show, from when he opens up to his parents and actually tells them what he does for a living, and to the fact that he had enough signatures so that his building wouldn't get sold.

Image description: A young white lady has a orange wig on her head and the hair goes down pass her shoulders. She is wearing a dark red puffy jacket and a bring organ leotard with long orange sleeves on it. Is speaking out of a pink and beige yellow is microphone? Behind her is a white guy with black hair, a grey long coat on and black pants on. Behind him is a grey roller door that has the letters EAR in big, bold and light navy-blue sticky taped to the door as well as some black graffiti behind it. Next to this man is a black man that had a black beanie, black jacket and a grey jumper on him. In front of that man is another white man with black hair, and he has a grey jumper on, bright brown long jacket and a purple scarf on him. In front of that man is a white lady with brown hair, she is wearing a black. Denim jacket and a green scarf on her.

Josie McCoy

Image description: A young black woman with brown hair is singing into the microphone while she is sitting down at the piano. She is wearing a brown and dotted dress which goes up to her neck. Behind her is a brown wall and an orange picture frame.

Okay for those of you that haven't seen Riverdale a teen show about a guy who hunts young teens and their families then you probably haven't heard of Josie either. Josie is a loving and caring person who has a heart for signing. I didn't realise this, but she had enough grades to drop out of Riverdale High and enough money to run to New York to start her life as an artist. Josie moves in with Katy and Jorge, and on her first day she stumbled into Alexander Cabot (Lucien Laviscount) at the fountain of New York City, this family is legendary and has helped so many artists that they are today. She falls in love with Alexander despite all the warnings about who bad it is to have a relationship with your producer, from what people say things turn out wrong instead. From what I saw in this season Josie, and Alex had their ups and downs, and in the end it didn't work out in the end.  

Despite Josie's ups and downs during New York she made things work in the end. Alex wanted to re-event the Pussycats which Josie didn't really agreed too, but after all the arguing it did work. Josie at Riverdale High had a little band, that is called the Pussycats which were formed up by herself, Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes), Lodge Melody Valentine (Asha Bronfield) and Valerie Brown (Hayley Law).

Pepper Smith

Pepper is the one that I had an eye on all season, mainly because she was far too sneaky. Pepper came into Katy's and Jorge's life not long after high school, and I think they just suddenly just clicked. Growing up in New York City she didn't have many friends, and she didn't know her parents either as they were adopted. Pepper is a journalist for New York Times and throughout the show Katy, Jorge, Josie and she were the best friends, and, so they told each other things that weren't meant to get out into the real world. but from what I saw within the show was Pepper's stories were really about what her friends were gossip about, and then from their things got a lot worse. Due to Pepper not telling people who she really was, Jorge opened up his laptop and they discovered that she was lying to them the entire time as her real name is Pepper Shaker, who is a criminal by stealing people's things.

Image description: A white woman with blond hair and pink glasses is looking concerned. She is wearing a brown and a beige brown colour long jacket and a white te-shirt with a collar on it, black buttons and black stripes down the middle of the shirt. Behind her is a black and light brown rug on the chair that she is sitting on and on top of that is a blue and white scarf which is bent.

If you have Foxtel or google play, I would highly recommend that you watch this. You will be blown away with some of the work that Katy Keene dose for her clothes 🤩

If you are interested in watching this then thjs television show is available on FOX and Google Play.

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