Jordon Steele-John's action plan in the Senete

On the 18th of May Australia could vote who the next leaders of Australia will be and just recently Jordon Steele-John has announced that he is still in the Senate for the next 4 years apart the Greens movement, but also a part of the disability movement. He has been in the Senate as a disability advocate and apart of the greens movement for 2 years know and I cannot wait to see what he does next.

Action plan

Jordon is our (the disability community) representative in the senate and also the Greens Australian party has put into place an action plan for the next few years.

Picture 1: Jordon Stelee-John is in the Senate telling someone off.
  • Royal commission

  • One of people’s big issues is the NDIS (national disability insurance scheme), so Jordon and the greens want an NDIS that works for everyone with fully funding people as well as proper staff

  • Access to a job and education for all

  • 500,000 fully funded houses

  • A national standard for inclusive education training

  • $400 million for accessible public transport

  • $1 billion for accessible infrastructure

  • $5 million put towards accessible public spaces

  • Accessible televisions with audio description, Auslan interpreters, relay and translation services

  • Establishing a national disability telecommunication service

  • $11.3 million put towards disability advocates

Royal commission

For the past 5 years many disability advocates have been urging for a Royal Commission and on the 1stof April, the government finally said yes. The government has given the Greens $527m for this Royal commission into abuse, violence and neglection of people with disabilities. This will mean so much for the disability community, as there know will be an action in place for bullying and extreme violence for a person with a disability.

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