ISO during COVID-19

The pandemic has impacted us all in different ways as we try to adjust the new normal in the world. For me I have occupied a lot during the lock down; not necessary through my writing, but through cooking, new ways of training and studying.

As an athlete it’s so important to maintain training during the off season, espically in awkward times. In March Australia started to have impact with COVID-19 and due to this the U20 and open Australian Championships were called off and this mean that off season training started earlier then I, but many other athletes were expected. I was lucky to keep on top my physio during the pandemic. Other than that I have been doing workouts that my physio been given me to do at home as well as some yoga sessions.

Image: A white young lady with blond hair has some over-the-head Bluetooth headphone on. She is sitting at the computer and typing on the keyboard like crazy. Behind her is a box of pencils, a weekly planner and some curtains that cover the window next to her.

Most of you know this, but in case you don’t this is my first year being out high school and the big wide real world. I was originally going to start tafe next semester, but to COVID-19 I had to look further, and this meant doing course now instead of waiting another 10 weeks. I am now heading into my second month studying of studying online and I am actually enjoying it. as most of you know I am really good when it comes to social media (pacifically Instagram 💁🏼‍♀️), so I am taking a two-year online course in social media and marketing.

Sorry I know that this blog post is short sweet, but I really have nothing else to write about at the moment..

Over the lock down period I started doing short videos on my workouts for Instagram and Facebook, I am hoping to do some more



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