International Women’s Day 2021

International Women's Day is an annual celebration which has been close for me since I started my advocacy journey in 2018. It's a day to celebrate women across the world, and the success that have done, raising awareness of the stigmas and barriers that are still across the world to this day.

I'm quite fortunate to have the family and friends that I have that love me for who I am, and don't want me to change. Not a lot of people across the world has friends and family that has their back like I do, and for this I'm quite fortunate and lucky to have this.

This year's theme is “break the bias”. There is so much assumption and stigmas out there about women that it is insane. Can you imagine a world which is gender equal? I can and I can also see changes in the communities we are in today. Through activist across the world banging their drums and breaking down stigmas everyday about gender rights and lgtb rights they are making this possible. I can already see changes in the society today with how women are treated in the workforce, and seeing many disabled and lgtb activist's appearing online daily.

For me, International Women's Day is another day of celebration on our calendar. Yes, I don't have she/her pronouns, but still in some way I do identify as a woman. And this day, I think, should be celebrated both from women and from non-binary people that choose to celebrate it.

Image description: Layne is a young person who is sitting on a couch with a smile. They are wearing a black t-shirt which says, “Ethinus”.

Sitting Pretty: The View From My Ordinary Resilient Body by Rebekha Taussing

Rebekha published her memoir in early 2020 about her life as a disabled person. In this memoir she dives down deep in how she finds pride in her disability, and how she starts her journey writing. Rebekah also explained the lack of knowledge between disability and non-disabled folks is big, as at times she has to sit out on events due to her disability.

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Say hello by Carly Findlay

Carly is an appearance activist and writer; she has been on You Can't Ask That and the Project to just name a few shows. She published Say Hello, in 2019 which is about Carly's experience navigating as someone who has a visible skin condition. As a writer and as activist, she has gone around the world speaking about Itchyosis.

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