How is self care important?

Self-care is such an important part of a person's life. For the past twelve months, I have been focusing on this a lot more then I have previously. I believe if you have enough self-care activities within the month, then you have mentally rest enough to do the things that you love to do.

Before leaving athletics last year, I didn't do much self-care activities. I didn't go and treat myself with a blow-dry or a pedicure. I pushed my limits both physically and mentally, to become a better athlete. With pushing my limits mentally, I couldn't do things like what I'm doing today.

For me, self-care is so much more than treating yourself every now and then. It's about giving yourself a little gift or a pat on the back for the hard work that you're doing, and to let yourself rest after such a big week.

With having CP, I take double the amount of time and energy to do things that my friends can do very easily and quickly. I make sure that I priorities, both my self-care and physical health for this exact reason. As many of you that follow me on my socials would know; I schedule my week around self-care activities. Most of the time my support workers take me to these self-care rituals such as a weekly blow-dry or a pedicure, so I don't waist the limited spoons that I've got.

Image description: Layne is a young lady with bright yellow hair. She is sitting down in a hair salon. In the top right corner is my logo, this is a white circle in a purple circle, in the purple circle it says, "writer · laynecdixon · activist · Writer for disability and inclusion", and in the white circle it says, "Layne Dixon".

I make sure that I go and see the amazing team at Studio Misfits every week, to take the stress out of me from dealing with my own hair. My CP effects my fingers, and how I move them, so washing my hair, drying my hair and brushing it can be a struggle for me.

If you have seen me in the past six months, you would have noticed that I get some gorgeous colours on my nails. The amazing ladies at Rockebella Beauty make sure that I have some pretty polish on my nails when I type on my computer.

What are some self-care activities you do? Let me know in the comments section down below!

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