How dangerous are group homes?

Group homes are the places where people with disability, the elderly and dangerous young adults live. It’s a home where you have 6 to 10 people living in with similar needs as each other. There is 1 to 3 carers in the home all the time, this will depend on the person’s needs. Every resident has to help out around the house, but they can also do their hobbies. All residents within the home has to help with the washing, gardening, cooking, food shopping, cleaning the house and they have to spend one day every week helping within the community.

Picture 1: People within the nursing homes deciding what to do for the week

The NDIS has a big say with what goes on within the group home. If you want to check out my blog on the NDIS you can do this at So, the NDIS helps with finance around the home, they provide carers to look after these people and they let the residents show their personal skills. But they do not help some of the problems within the group home.

The main issues are with unsafe residents and rude carers. Through some research I have seen that the residents are not getting looked after well within the home. For the family it gets to the point where they want that person out of the home to be safe. Carers are mixing up patient’s medicine, and they are overloading them with it. Carers are feeling over whelmed with the amount of support that they need to give to every resident, and therefore physical assault comes in. Some people are put into a group home where they need more support than others. So they do not get any or all the support. Sexual assault is done by residents to other residents of the group home.

Picture 2: Someone who is getting looked after in a group home.

The psychotropic drug is a drug that effects the persons mind, emotions and behavior. 99% of people living within group home are taking this type of drug, but only 45% have a mental health issue. All of them do not know what’s going on, and that is why carers get away with the things that they are doing.

This needs to stop today so people can live a normal and happy life. People do not deserve to be on drugs and in group homes. If you want to find out more about disability issues than subscribe to my website down below.






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