Goodbye 18 and hello 19

If you didn't get it from the title, then you might not know its my birthday today 🙃

Image description: A blond Caucasian young women with blue glasses on is smiling at the camera. She is wearing a red dress and a pink smart watch. She is sitting at a white table which has a plate that says “Happy birthday” on it with a little chocolate cake, next to this is two plates on top of each other with little food on it and glasses next to it with liquid on it.

Looking back on this past year I have had some ups and downs, but also many achievements along the way.

Some of the achievements that I have achieved this past year are:

· Graduating from high school

· Being involved with YDAN the Youth Disability Advocacy Network, which a friend of mine was a part of.

· Published my work for the first time on for a business and being played for it

· Got a sports honours award from school, this was through my involvement in athletics.

· Being nominated for the Emmanuel award at my school. This is the award is awarded to a year 12 that has gone above and beyond for the school. I sadly wasn't awarded this award, but some else that was well deserving of the did.

· Getting to know a little bit more about the WA para's in athletics. The 2019/2020 Western Australian athletic season was the first season to come (hopefully) of more seated throwers in the sport. Before this it was only two people, myself as well as one of my old competing mates, Chris.

· Got my first coaching accreditation, I'm hoping to help to get more disabled people in the sport of athletics across WA.

I'm looking forward to the year ahead, with hopefully some exciting things ahead 🙂

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