Glee – The best show when it comes to diverse representation

Co-creators, Ryan Murphy, Ian Bernnan and Brad Falchuck, aired Glee in 2009. A television series, about a small group of teens finding their way through school with the sound of music. Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) was given the opportunity to bring back Glee, a choir back to McKinley, and he was going to make it better than before, starting with its a new name, "New Directions". The co-creators of glee wanted to make this show relatable to the 21st century, and I personally believed they did it well.

From the minute that mum put this on, I fell in love with the TV show. Glee was a way for me to escape from the world I lived in. I always have loved musicals, but this was just magic! The way that Ian Bernnan, Brad Falchuck and Ryan Murphy wrote this television series was just brilliant. This blog is going to highlight some disabled, and LTGB characters which are featured in Glee.


Artie Abrams

Actor: Kevin McHale

Artie was one of the original voices within William McKinley High's New Directions, and one of major characters in Glee. Portrayed by Kevin McHale, I personally believe that the creators of glee; Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan and Brad Falchuk made the right decision in recruiting Kevin to play Artie in Glee.

Image description: Artie is wheeling down a high school hall in his wheelchair. Artie is wearing is a red and yellow vest, over a bright red t-shirt and his brown gloves as well as black glasses. Behind Artie is people dancing in the background, while others are talking to people in front of their locker.

When Artie was 8 years old, his mother, Nancy Abrams, had an unexpected car crash which leaved Artie paraplegic. Ever since then Artie has wanted a cure for his disability, but Artie doesn't let his disability stop him for what he wants to achieve in life. After high school, Artie started studying to be a director at Brooklyn Film Academy.

Becky Jackson

Actor: Lauren Potter

When Sue saw Becky, she instantly accepted Becky on the squad. Inspired by her disabled sister, Jean, Sue allowed Becky Jackson to join her squad, and within a few days, Becky become Sue's

Image description: Becky is wearing red glasses, a grey jacket and pink t-shirt. In the background there are people walking in the high school halls. This image is taken of Becky talking to some people, and one of these people is wearing a grey sweater.

secretary. Born with Downsydrome, Becky never saw herself as disabled, but rather then as another other young lady at McKinley High. Apart from this Becky struggled with the social side of high school due to her disability, she wasn't bullied as she was a cheerio, but all she wanted was some friends within school. When Sue kicked her off the cheerio in season 2 we could really see this effect on Becky, and again when her Artie broke up. See here.

Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel

Actors: Daren Criss and Chris Colfer

This romantic relationship first appeared in season 2 when Kurt moved to Dalton Academy. To me, their love was seen at first sight. Prior to meeting Blaine, Kurt never seen with another openly gay folk before. In season 1 of Glee, we saw that Kurt was the only openly Gay kid at his school, and because of this he didn't have his first relationship until Blaine come around.

Image description: Kurt and Blaine are both singing into microphones. Blaine (on the left), is wearing a yellow and blue puffy scarf on top of his dark blue blazer. Kurt (on the right,) is wearing a space helmet, a white vest and a black and white pattered long-sleeve top.

Kurt first met Blaine when he Transferred to Dalton Academy. When I saw Blaine directing Kurt to the glee club room, I knew that was love at first sight. Kurt believed moving to Dalton was the right decision, but as he got there, he was missing The New Directions, and after some convincing Kurt come back to McKinley.

Since then, their relationship bloomed. When Kurt graduated at the end of season 3, he took off to New York with Rachel, but when Kurt did this their relationship was rough. With having a long-distance relationship, like anyone else, it was difficult for them. After many discussions and many disagreements, Blaine and Kurt ended up patching things up and they ended up having an un-expected marriage. A part one of their Glee folks, Brittany's wish in season 6, was for Blaine and Kurt to get married alongside Brittany and Santana.

Brittany Pierce and Santana Lopez

Actors: Heather Morris and Naya Rivera

Image description: Santana and Brittany are both leaning against the piano behind them. Santana (on the right), is wearing a red and black dress while having her hand over her hip and the other hand up with two pointed fingers. Brittany (on the right) is wearing a white t-shirt with two eggs as eyes and bacon as a smile, she is also wearing a multi-coloured flower skirt. Brittany has her hand behind her on the black piano and she has turned her head to Santana. Behind them is a bookshelf which is filled with pictures, books, papers and some trophies.

This romance started when Brittany, Santana and Quin joined The New Directions in the first season. Not that long into the series these three young ladies fell in love with music, which they didn't know prior to joining the Glee Club. Brittany and Santana started off as best friends, and not long after the first season of Glee they slowly started to become a couple. Glee showed them the path to a romantic relationship, but this place, at McKinley High was the place where they also found the love for music.

After being together for 5-ish seasons, they decided to move in together and get married. One of Brittany's wishes was if, Kurt and Blaine didn't get married prior to the lady’s marriage, they should have a double wedding, and they did. Looking back on it now, I think it was around the time that same-sex marriage was allowed within the U.S in 2015.


Growing up I never really hung out with my school peers, and so, I fell back and watched Glee. Looking back now, this was the first show/film that I saw disability and LTGB representation in. If you like music, musicals and theatre I would highly recommend that you watch Glee. The seasons are available now on Netflix.

Thanks so much to you folks that have reached the end of my blog. If you do like blog, please subscribe down below!

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