It’s time to say goodbye to you. We’ve had our ups and downs through high school and I really want you gone. You have been my enemy through bad times and my angel through the good times here at school. A couple weeks ago I officially finished my journey of compulsory schooling and it up lifting, but also emotional. So, here’s my story.

Dear emotions,

Since I was 11 years old you have been in my life and I seriously did not know how to cope with it all.

I was emotionally broke because my best friend stopped talking to me A.K.A my cerebral palsy took control. Okay, so. We were on the bus back to school from swimming lessons, when we were playing with each other’s hair, and then it was my turn to play with her hair. With having fingers that cannot work like everyone else I don’t know how rough I am until either person says ouch! Or they start to cry 😓 I have done this a couple times before, but I pulled this girls, my best friend’s hair so much that she didn’t talk me for the next two years. And to make it even worse she didn’t talk to me during the six years of high school, if we did it was very, very, very awkward between two of us 🥺

Through this I felt isolated and alone for 7-8 years within the school playground. From this I also hated myself because I had a disability and the fact that my peers at school didn’t think it was a right thing with hanging out with the disabled kid, the kid that was basically the tale of the year group and the kid that needed the help from teachers.

Picture: Layne is leaning on the wall while her face is in the other direction.

People didn’t want to hang out with, people saw as different, so I was never invited out and I was never invited to parties. In fact, the very first high school party I went to was in year 11 and that was only because I basically went down onto my knees and begged and begged for an invite. To me I don’t actually see why a friend wouldn’t invite, I actually consider it really rude that one of my friends consider me as disabled, as I can’t do anything instead of you are invited my party. Yay 😄

Yours sincerely,

Layne Dixon

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So, you are basically getting where I’m coming from. This has been my life for far too long and I have seriously had enough 😡 I’m hoping I said goodbye to that life when I graduated from high school a couple weeks back 🙏🏻

On graduation night I said goodbye to some of my friends, some of these people made me cry a bit as those people helped me massively throughout high school with issues and they were basically the only people there for me to talk to, well apart from teachers of course.

Around three years ago me and the family found para athletes, and this has seriously saved my life. Not really the social part yet, as everyone based over east but definitely the fact that I have something that I love outside of school. Last year I started to look a little bit more into Paralympic sports and disability as a whole, and I just love learning about it. Yes, there are some down sides to having a disability, but there is so much to society that you can do because of your disability.

Through social media I have found my voice and my talent of writing, as I’ve been told that I am a really good writer 🙂 I saw disability advocates online and I just found that empowering that they can share their story, as well as others online. And through this I created this site as I blog both on her and also on my social media accounts.

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I’m sharing my story with you not to hurt your feelings, but to hopefully teach you something about disability. I believe from my personal experience that we are the exact same as you, but we might need a little more help. This is sadly the society that we live in today. Yes, Australia is diverse, but we still got along long way until we see inclusion happen instead of bullying and discrimination happen.

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