Disability pride month 2020

Today marks the end of disability pride month, for those of you that don't know I've been sharing quite a few things on my Facebook (profile here) and Instagram page (profile here).  

The 26th of July this year marks 30 years since the Disability Rights Act was established in 1975, in the U.S. The fighting since then hasn't stopped to see disabled people being included within our society. As a recognition disability pride month is celebrated in some places around the world, and this year I have seen quite a few friends of mine within this community speak out #disabilitypridemonth.

For me, as a disabled person, I believe that one day there will be world out there where everyone is included regardless of how you are from; the colour of your skin, the people or god that you believe in, LGTBIQ+, disability, etc.

Image description: A young white lady with blond hair is laying on the end of her bed with one of her hands under one of her cheeks. She is wearing a red te-shirt. Behind her is a stuff kola, mini stuff dolphin, a miniature fat cat and some yellow pillow emoji's this includes; a yellow face pillow emoji of someone blowing a kiss, a yellow face pillow emoji of someone with his/her tongue sticking out and another yellow pillow emoji of someone who isn't sure of what he/she is doing.

I am proud to call myself disabled, not only because I am disabled myself, but because I know some amazing people that are doing incredible things for this community. I am so thankful that I have got the opportunity to represent my state in sport, but also having the opportunity to speak up and show others that we, as disabled people are a part of this world and we should have equal rights than others.

I am proud to call myself disabled, and I'm proud to have a disability 🚶🏼‍♀️

To all of my friends out there, I hope you had a good disability pride month 💙

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