Why aren't beaches accessible?

Beaches haven’t been accessible to us for a very long time. In 2016 Australia made history, of being the first nation to have accessible beaches. This includes ramps for people in wheelchairs to stroll down to the beaches in, and beach chairs which are designed for the sand.

Within two years beaches around Australia have made this change, but not every beach. Don’t you want more people to come to your beach? This is one of things that I don’t understand, but it is only a recent change. 80% of Australians living with a disability have a wheelchair to get around, why can’t you just put the beach ramp in.

Not many beaches supply these accessible things around Australia. The chairs that you see in day to day life, can’t cope with the sand. The sand makes the wheels of the chair not moveable, and we can’t help that. More public awareness that these things exist will help to shape our disability community.

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