Disability movement: nursing institutions

During the early 1920’s, governments seek a different plan for people with disabilities. For decades and decades people with disabilities and mental health issues were put into nursing homes, which has divided the future of society today.

What was their plan?

The government’s plan was to hide the world from people with disabilities, and this worked for centuries. People with disabilities were encouraging to go into nursing homes, as they got told that their life would be better in there. While parents of children and babies with disabilities were encouraged to send them to board schools, where the parents will never see them again. This was the way of life for centuries, and the government got away with it. From one country to another, all countries throughout the world did this, and it is still done today.

Life for people with a disability back then

Life within the institute was terrible back then, and it still is today. The government brought in hospitals for these reasons. People with disabilities back then had no right against, and over their own free will.

Picture 1: People with disabilities doing one of their general everyday activities. Sewing blankets together, while the nurses and guards watch what they are doing.

These patients were allowed to be friends with each other, but they couldn’t have a strong relationship with anyone. As the institution had both genders, the patients got away with allot of things, but if the girl of the relationship got pregnant, they couldn’t do anything about it until the baby came to the world. Once the child was out of birth they got cleaned up and was adopted to a couple outside of the institute, the birth parents didn’t get any say in this, as the people on the outside world wanted a baby.

Bed time for them were really early, as in 6 o’clock and they couldn’t get a say with that. They were tucked into bed tightly and all their wheelchairs were pushed away from their bed, so they couldn’t escape. There wasn’t anyone else there at night, it was just them.

People back then with a disability had no right for freedom. As you can tell no-one wants to go back into that situation, but there is still allot of countries that do that today.

The world today

Because of the past the world isn’t as inclusive today as it should be. The government is doing all it can do today, to make sure that people with disabilities can have their voices heard. There are still countries that institutionalize people with disabilities today. And this is why I have written this post, so you are a-where of what has happened within the past.

Picture 2: People with disabilities protesting for the rights of freedom during the 1950's.

Students with disabilities are still getting isolated, and this is due to what has happened within the past. We take up 15% of the world’s population and still today we are the biggest group that is un-judged and forgotten about. This all comes down to the education that the next generation of people need to learn about. There is not enough education which is going on, I mean yes there is, but parents need to step it up as well. This is how the world can forget about the history which I have just shared with you.

Thank you to everyone who has been following up on my blogs, and I love sharing these things with you. I will be back in 2019 for new and more fresher blogs, but also history blogs like these.

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