Disability Movement: Fight for the Rights

We have had to fight for our own rights, and this have been since we’ve got out of institutions. Throughout the world there has been changes, but we need more. Today I am going to take you through the past of disability rights and why we are so included today.

If you haven’t checked out my blog on disability institutions then you should, this is at https://www.laynedixon.com.au/blog/disability-movement-nursing-institutions. So how did we get out of disability institutions; well, we fought our way out of course!

We started to notice disability when the wondered soldiers came back to their home countries as amputees or paraplegics, and this was due to them fighting in the war. People didn’t know what to do, so they just treated the soldiers the exact same. Not long after that laws have been in place about how to treat a person with a disability.

Picture 1: Allowing access to a person with a disability onto the plane

Since the disability community has become more obvious, we have had to fight for our own freedom. Some countries are still fighting as we speak today. So, what are some of the acts,

· The air career act, making sure that everyone with a disability can have the option to fly to other countries.

· Social security act, making sure that there is group program for adults and children with disabilities.

· Development disabilities assistance and bill of rights act, to make sure there are companies that help and support people with disabilities with their accessibility care.

· Civil rights act, for people with disabilities to have equal rights, the same rights as able Bodie people.

· The Architectural Barriers Act of 1968 is to allow people with disabilities to be employed.

Picture 2: The special education classroom. children with disabilities are learning within a seperate environment

Some things have changes, but others haven’t.

In 1975 people brought out the Education for Handicapped Children Act, which is now called the Individual with Disability Education. The act’s name doesn’t sound that harmful, but in Australia they are not really meeting the necessary standards. Within high school disability students are pushed out of their mainstream class due to their peers to put in these classrooms. Okay that doesn’t seem harmful, but they do not get taught the same thing as the mainstream classes, they are instead re-learning what they learnt in primary school. I have also briefly mentioned this in my post at https://www.laynedixon.com.au/blog/2-name-tags-that-shouldn-t-exists.

The fight

As you know people with disabilities have been fighting for freedom for years, and here is some of the info at https://www.laynedixon.com.au/blog/disability-movement-nursing-institutions. Many people with disabilities fought during the 1970’s and 1980’s for their own will, and that is why many acts have been introduced into society. Thousands of people with disabilities came together to fight, back then they lived on the streets for days, weeks and months at a time to make sure that they have their say and their own freedom. In the end they did get their own freedom and that is why so many laws about disability was put into place.

Picture 3: People with disabilities protesting to have equal rights that others have

So why did I blog about this, I said I would get back to you on this topic and so I have, but because of the past many of us disabled individuals are strong advocates today. And we will keep on fighting. If you like this then subscribe to my site for the latest blogs on disability rights and history of disability.


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