Are audiobooks real?

The answer is yes, and since Audible came around in 2004 they’ve been a massive advantage for people with disabilities.

Audiobooks were both on audible and iBooks for a while, but I was quite hesitant to start using audiobooks. At school we were taught how to read, rather than taught the different ways of accessing books.

It was year 10 and we were studying the book The Happiest Refugee by Anh Do at the time. I was behind at school due to some absent days, and I just said, “why not”. So, I had the book on the right of me while I was purchasing the audiobook on iBooks on my iPad on the left of me. “click” as I purchased the audiobook. From then the way I perceive books have changed.

Reading isn’t a thing that I enjoy and like. When it comes to long passages, longer than a couple sentences; I forget what I have read. It has always been like this for me.

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So, what are audiobooks?

Audiobooks is a different way of reading a book. When a book is published, the other sometimes records them, or another person reading the book out load to the device they record it from. Through this they burn it on discs and upload it to audiobook stories such as Audible, iBook and Amazon.

Not all books have an audio version of them, as it’s expensive to record a person’s book.

How could this be helpful?

You don’t have to just sit down and listen to the audiobook while dosing into thin air. People can multi-task while listening to the audiobook they’ve brought. This can include:

  • Going for a walk

  • Studying

  • Taking notes

  • Cooking/making a meal

Even though, they are accessible to people with disabilities; audio books aren’t just for disabled people.

  • You’re local library can do both audiobooks and CD’s

  • Amazon for CD’s

  • Audible – an addition to Amazon

  • iBooks

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