Accessible fashion

Accessible fashion is fashion that is adapted. Many disabled people as well as the elderly have difficulty with finding clothes that suit their style, but they can also wear without someone helping them.

For me, as someone who is disabled, I believe this is a MUST. Through personal experience finding clothes that I like, but also can wear easily was a nightmare. As someone who lives with cerebral palsy, I have issues with my fingers and because of this I need some things within my life adapted and this does include clothes.

Two of the things that I have found easier is shoes from Billy Footwear and getting my zippers on jackets and buttons on te-shirts and pants changed by a tailor.

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  • Billy Footwear – From the name you can tell that that this is shoe brand. Billy Footwear makes one of a kind shoes that are espically made for people that have issues with their finer motor skills like me. These shoes are also really stylish. If you live in Australia or New Zealand you can purchase some of these shoes from the Every Human website at or if you are based somewhere else you can purchase these shows from Billy Footwear’s website at

  • Buttons – For me when it comes to buttons weather they are on te-shirts, pants or jackets I find it is cheaper to buy what you like and pay a tailer in your local area to either make the buttons or zips easier for people to put on. For me I find this the cheapest way to buy the pants, te-shirts or jackets.

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