Accessibility is needed within Elizabeth Quay

Elizabeth Quay is the most popular place to go into when you are staying in Perth, but it doesn’t have the basic essentials that every tourist place need. Elizabeth Quay opened on Australia Day (26thJan) 2016. Okay it’s not that new, and how is their not much accessibility.

Elizabeth Quay isn’t accessible to everyone. The Western Australian Planning Commission wanted Elizabeth Quay to feel like home, and so they made it feel modern. Within doing so they left out the image for thousands of people with disabilities, and also parents of young children.

Picture 1: Bumpy footpath that everyone needs to cross to get to Elizabeth Quay

This is first seen when you walk on top of the path ways in Elizabeth Quay. The owners of Elizabeth Quay wanted to make that look unique, so they did. From my experience with having cerebral palsy, that pacific path way is a nightmare to get over, this is due to having the ground uneven. For wheelchair users and babies within prams they always will get bumped going on that path.

There are not enough ramps than there are stairs. Elizabeth Quay is a nightmare to go around if you have a pram or if you are a wheelchair user. This is because there isn’t enough ramps, and B you have too look around for them instead of going up the stairs. What I do not get with this plan is why couldn’t make half of the rail steps and the other half a ramp. It is pretty, but didn’t you think of the accessibility.

Picture 2: One of the many stair cases in Elizabeth Quay

If you are not taking public transport or an Uber there then you are driving. There are about ten parking spots around Elizabeth Quay, and only two of those are disabled parking. You will always end up struggling to get a parking spot, and this is due to them all being taken.

I don’t know why the government agreed to having an awful accessibility area in the city, I believe that there should be allot more ramps in the heart of Perth, and this is especially to the places like Elizabeth Quay. Many Perth locals know what I’m talking about, as it is truly a nightmare to get around the area. It is pretty, but accessibility always comes first.

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