Ableism is in today's world

When you’ve got something banging in your head, but you just cannot get it out. Well this is me. for the past couple years, I have got to know the disability community more and what it means to be a disability advocate.

A lot of people within the disability community mention the word ableism and I haven’t really got an understanding about it. I think this is language that is portrayed by an able-bodied person onto a disabled person.

I hate this and because I know what it is, I can easily see it more and more often. Through my own life I see ableism done on me and I hate it. I just do not understand why a disabled person should be treated differently than an able-bodied person.

My experience

Some of you might know this through my social media post click here, but I have hated school for a long time. Isolation and bullying because of something that you cannot control and that apart of you isn’t alright, and I seriously cannot wait to graduate.

Image description: A young lady is sitting down in a park while staring into the camera. She is wearing glasses as well as the shirt "Choose inclusion"

This post that I have linked in is a little bit of what I have to deal with because I’m disabled and because everyone just thinks that whoever you see on the outside is you, but you really need to talk the person to see who they actually are. These two past years have been hard education wise, but I have had some really good, cool and awesome friends that I would cherish for ever.

I share this story because I don’t want you to feel ashamed of what I have had to go through, but I want to educate you, so this does not happen to another disabled person. because it’s just not fair. We live in a world today where we should treat everyone with respect, but there is a large minority of us that isn’t been shown that respect. And this is what has overt time become a language and that is ableism.

Don’t be the bully, but instead be a friend

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