A Powerchair footballer's dream has come true

For the past month Rebecca Evans has been keeping something a secret, and she announced it last week on her social media page. She has been selected into the Under 21’s Australian Powerchair football team for the Asia-Pacific-Oceania games.

Rebecca found out about Powerchair Football through a social event, and then in 2016 she went to a come and try day held by the Western Australian Powerchair Football Association. Once Rebecca got into the Powerchair she fell in love with the sport and she has been doing Powerchair Football ever since. As a local player Rebecca is a part of the Perth Glory’s Powerchair Football team, and when she goes to nationals every year, she is a part of the Western Wasps(team WA).

Picture 1: Rebecca is on the court with the ball playing Powerchair Football.

The Western Wasps headed over to Sydney in April for the electric wheelchair sport which involves powerchair football, powerchair hockey and powerchair rugby. Team WA came back with a 2ndplace trophy in the hockey, 3rdin rugby and Rebecca came home with a best and fairest award as well as a spot in the Australian team for Asia-Pacific-Oceania games.

Powerchair football is designed for electric wheelchair users to play soccer. This is an inclusive game for both genders. The tournament is held every four years, and this year they have introduced Under 21’s team from the countries within the Asia-Pacific region. There is a lot of talent in Australia for Powerchair Football, so it came in as a surprise that Rebecca was selected for the Under 21’s Australian team. It was really difficult for Rebecca to keep this a secrete for so long as it is big news. Rebecca was over stocked that she got told that she might have been in the team, but due Rebecca did not want to spill any news until the news was official.

This is her first time at international competition and Rebecca is officially the vice-captain for the Under 21’s team. With having that role within the team, she is a mentor for the athletes within the team, as well as assisting the coaches and the captain to make decisions for the team. Some of the athletes are as young as ten years old, so it is really important for them to get advice.

You can follow Rebecca’s Powerchair football story over on her Instagram page here.

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