2020's World CP Day!

Today, October 6 is World Cerebral Palsy (CP) Day! A day all around the world to celebrate those living with CP. 

What is CP?

Cerebral palsy is damage to a person's brain before, during or shortly after birth which may leave them with a physical disability. CP comes in many different ways and forms, this is from: people having CP in their arms, in their legs, one of the limbs or all four parts of their body. Each individual that has CP is different, in other words this means that "there is no two people in the world that has the same type of CP as each other". 

This is what makes us unique, but this also comes as a massive disadvantage. Because no other person has the same type of CP as you it will be difficult to find the answers that the individual is looking for. i.e., through health services, social environments, advocacy, etc. (People with CP can also have other disabilities as well. This might include being vision impaired, deaf, deafblind or having an intellectual disability.

Image description: Layne is a young, blond Caucasian with blue glasses on. She is wearing a green te-shirt that says "CEREBRALPALSY AWARENESS 2020 #gogreenforcp" and dark blue jeggings. Behind Layne is a table and a pizza oven. ⁣⁣

World CP Day theme💚

Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, World CP Day made this year's theme 'Make Your Mark!' to make the celebration accessible to everyone around the world, regardless of if they are still in lockdown/self-isolation or not. 

This year I made my mark through advocacy. Since 2018 I have been motivated by many disabled people to learn more about the disability community, I speak mainly through my writing on this website as well as my social media platforms which I have linked at the bottom of this blog. Apart from this I am on several young committees including; Cockburn's Youth Advisory Council – YAC (click here), Youth Disability Advocacy Network – YDAN (click here) and Cerebral Palsy - Achieve (click here).

During the lead up to today, World CP Day, the World CP Day organisation asked me as well as some others throughout the world to write up a blog for their website about what we do. They asked me to talk about my journey into para-athletics and what my future goals in seated throws are. You can read my blog here

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