2 name tags that shouldn't exists

One of the things I hate about being disabled, are the names that people call kids and adults with disabilities, many people don’t know the real meaning behind the words handicap and special needs, but I am going to show you. Read this blog to find out what handicap and special needs really mean.


Handicap was the term that was used through generations of people with disabilities. This started in the early 1500’s as King Henry VII believed that people with disabilities couldn’t work, as they struggle to do things in everyday life.

Back in that day things weren’t like they are now, the only people that were homeless back then were people with physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities and mental health issues, as people believed that we weren’t meant to belong in society. If we weren’t homeless, we were stuck in mental institutions.

Picture 1: Disability institutions in the early 1600's

That was the term to call people with disabilities back in those days, but it isn’t in society now. The term ‘handicap’ is used today in golf, as another word for progression.

Special needs

So many people like the word ‘special needs’ to be used on disabled individuals, but many of them don’t know that it is just another word for handicap. So many of you might be unsure with what I am saying here, so let me break it down for you. ‘special’ is the word that says everyone is special in a unique way, but in this case, it says you are special because you were born or inquired a disability in some moment of your life, and you need to be special because of it. Then let’s got to the word ‘needs’, this means you or a person needs something, but in this case relating to someone with a disability you need help and people don’t know how much help you need, let alone yourself.

This word was migrated into the world since the early 2000’s, and since then it has been used mainly within the school environment. Special education is one of the many words that have come out of special needs.

Picture 2: Myself with an support teacher (EA)

We have all grown a long way since the disability institutions, and we still need to grow, but this was just an insane idea. For years on end there has been main-stream classrooms and special education classrooms within primary school. The special education classrooms are for people with both intellectual and physical disabilities to learn in, when everyone else learns the appropriate content for their age group. Within being in the special education classroom the student learns nothing, and when they hit high school they struggle, because those kids weren’t taught the basic essentials that they need for school.

My thoughts on this

The two words handicap, and special needs shouldn’t exist for people like myself, but they do. And in some areas handicap still exists. Every word that people try to event for people with disabilities is just stupid, because they all mean the exact same thing that people with disabilities are ashamed of who they are because they feel less than other people. This is why name calling should stop, and this is also why no one should get judge about something that they cannot help.

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