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So today I am going to talk about me ☺️

I’m a blogger a disability advocate and a sports person, but nothing stops me from what I want to achieve within life. Hi all I’m Layne Dixon and I’m a young lady living with cerebral palsy (CP), which is a physical disability that effects the way that I talk and also the way that I walk. 

Whenever I go on family holidays my mother blogs everyday about what we’ve been up to, so I have just recently started to do that as well. When I went on the Leeuwin in 2018, I blogged about my experience on the boat and people loved it. Ever since then I have been blogging over on my social media pages and not long after that I started my own website with a little bit of help. When I started this website, I didn’t really know what to do and I still don’t, but my friends and family enjoy the blogs that I put on here. Since I have established this site in December of 2018, I have blogged about issues within the disability community click here, companies that help people with disabilities click here, athletes with a disability click here and my own life with CP click here


In 2016 I started my athletics journey as one of the coaches that I came across said that he could take me to the Paralympic games. Since then I have been through Australian records as an under 18 and under 20 in shot put, discus and javelin. I have been to nationals twice and my next step from here is to compete for Australia, as I hope to one day to become a Paralympian.

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  • 2019 – 2nd place for the open secured discus at the 2019 Australian Athletic Championships

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