Layne has purple highlights in her blond hair.

Layne Dixon


Hey all, I’m Layne Dixon a 20 years old writer and disability & inclusion activists. Since 2018 my primary focus has been to educate non-disabled people about people with disabilities as well as inclusion. I was diagnosed just after 2 years old with ataxic Cerebral Palsy, and I’ve recently been diagnosed with anxiety (mental health), but this doesn’t stop me from achieving my dreams. This year (in 2021), I was named the City of Cockburn’s Youth Citizen of the year and a finalist for the 7 News Young Achiever Awards in Western Australia. 


I write regularly on my page to educate others about disability and inclusion. From a young age I knew that people with disabilities where missed and not being heard. I write weekly on here about issues that are faced within the disability community, books and films about people with disability, achievements of people within our community and my story as a young disabled person.